Gluten Free Rhubarb and Raspberry Cake

Gluten Free Rhubarb and Raspberry Cake

Welcome to our Blog, here we will be showcasing new products as well as sharing our love for all things 'Floral'... From delicious recipes, inspirational photography and styling to fine art and fashion.

We are kicking off with this absolutely delicious gluten free, rhubarb and raspberry cake by 'Our Food Stories' ~ Laura & Nora, a photographer and a food stylist from Berlin have created a beautiful and inspiring blog for "foodies and cake-lovers". All their yummy recipes are gluten free and vegetarian. It's definitely worth checking out their website, even if it's just to gaze at all the beautiful photography.

We stumble across so much food beautifully decorated and styled with fresh flowers but this look could also be easily recreated with our faux flowers (which with a quick wipe over would be reusable time and time again). We can help with the faux flowers, but the baking is down to you ;-) ! See below for the recipe. Get Creative...

for a 16cm-ø springform pan
150g rice flour
150g sugar
125g butter
4 eggs (size m)
2,5 tsp organic baking powder
60g ground almonds
1 dash of salt
50ml milk (4-5tbsp)
raspberry jelly
200g frozen raspberries
80ml water
3g agar-agar
rhubarb creme
400g peeled rhubarb
1 vanilla bean
150g sugar
150g heavy cream
100g quark
100ml milk
2-3 tsp rose water
9g agar-agar
butter creme
200g butter, soft
340g powdered sugar
food color (red and blue)
a few chopped almonds
cherry blossoms (or similar)

preheat oven to 175°C fan function. line a springform pan with baking parchment and grease the sides. liquify butter and let cool down for a moment. separate eggs. beat egg whites half stiff, continue beating and gradually add half of the sugar, beat 1- 2min longer. beat remaining sugar and salt together with the egg yolks for 2min until creamy, beat in the milk, then the butter. blend rice flour and baking powder and sieve in 3 portions to the egg mixture and fold in gently. fold in grounded almonds, then in 2-3 portions the beaten egg whites. fill cake batter into the springform pan and bake for 45min on the middle oven rack. let cool down for 10-15min, then remove from springform pan and place back on the cooling rack.
raspberry jelly
cut cake base with a long bread knife into 3 layers (use the top layer as bottom layer for the cake and the bottom layer upside down as the cake top, because the bottom side is even). boil frozen raspberries together with the water for 2-3min until soft, then purée. put 2 tbsp of purée aside for the rhubarb creme. blend raspberry purée with agar-agar and boil for 2min (stir constantly), then spread carefully on the bottom layer (leave 1cm distance to the edge) and place in the fridge.
peel rhubarb and cut into 3-4cm long pieces. mix rhubarb with 100g sugar and vanilla seeds, add the vanilla bean - let infuse for 15min (the rhubarb will loose water and so it´s not necessary to add extra water to cook rhubarb). afterwards cook rhubarb 5-7min until soft. take out the vanilla bean and purée rhubarb compote. measure 200ml rhubarb purée (you can freeze the left over purée in an ice cube tray and serve frozen with a drink) and mix with quark, remaining 50g sugar, rose water and 2 tbsp raspberry purée. whip heavy cream. fill milk into a small saucepan and stir in agar-agar, boil for 1min (stir constantly, it will turn very thick). stir in rhubarb quark quickly, then fill into a mixing bowl and fold in whipped cream. place rhubarb creme for 10-20min into the fridge to turn more firm. spread creme even on both bottom layers (with 1cm distance to the edge). leave cake layers 30-60min in the fridge until the creme is solid. prepare meanwhile the butter creme.
sieve icing sugar. stir butter for 1-2min with the dough hook of your mixer, then add gradually the icing sugar. add some red and blue food coloring (dispense carefully). fill frosting into an piping bag with a round icing tip (about 11cm-ø or airtight bag). put the cake layers on top of each other and fill the gasps between the cake layers with butter creme - the creme should oozes out of the gasps. then smooth the sides with a triangle spatula or similar. spread more butter creme on the cake top and flatten with the spatula. decorate with chopped almonds and cherry blossoms or similar. leave the cake in the fridge 15min before you start serving.

Photography, styling and recipe by 'Our Food Stories'.