Napkins - Hot Fuchsia


Vivid pinks, purples and reds abound in our Hot Fuchsia set of 2 organic cotton napkins! Exploding with originality, these botanically-dyed napkins will brighten your dining table and liven up every meal time.

Made from 100% organic cotton, the napkins are hand dyed using flowers, natural plant extracts, food waste and tea - with natural variations ensuring that every napkin is a unique work of art in its own right.

Care: Botanically-dyed fabric is free of toxins and harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment and irritate the skin. Natural dyes are a living colour and need a little extra care to maintain. They're pH sensitive and sensitive to prolonged sun exposure. Like a beloved pair of jeans, natural dye fades overtime. This cycle is part of the beauty of this ancient medium and we hope you will embrace the variations that will occur.

To prolong the life of your napkins, follow these tips:

    • Wash in cold water with delicate cycle or hand-wash
    • Use a gentle or pH-neutral detergent
    • Dry away from the sun
    • Wash items alone or with like colours

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