Fox Flowers Bright pink Peony
Fox Flowers Bright pink Peony
Fox Flowers White Peony
Fox Flowers Pale pink Peony
Fox Flowers Peony
Fox Flowers Blush Peony


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A garden plant that hates to be moved. But you won't have that problem with our beautiful peony, available in a choice of four subtle colours – bright pink, pale pink, blush and white. 

Opt for a single colour or mix all 4 of them together - and blend with our greenery - to create a delicate, dainty and detailed display. Incredibly authentic, the petals of each bloom vary in colour, with deeper tones at the bottom of the flower. Look closely at the white peony and you'll notice the contrasting stamen. 

Finish your bespoke arrangement by moulding, shaping and trimming the stems to achieve exactly the look you've envisaged. 

Stem length 54cm